Saturday, July 11, 2015

Handbrake sudden shutdown: Solved!

Handbrake shuts down machine

My i5-460M laptop running handbrake 0.9.9 - 0.10.2 suddenly shuts down.

I had the temperature monitor up one day and noticed that the temp. quickly went from 49*C to 100*C, the fans become very noisy and then shuts down the machine.

Used cpulimit but encode goes down to around 20 fps if I want to keep the temps down below 90*C.

The fan goes into high speed mode and even though I vacuumed the vents didn't make much of a difference.  I wonder if the heat sink has come off the cpu.

I will try older version of handbrake or maybe limit thread=1.

Note:  The BIOS is doing the thermal shutdown (which is good) before damage to cpu occurs. 

FlightGear Terrasync move Data directory

FlightGear scenery

Flightgear scenery data used to live outside ~/Library/Application Support/FlightGear/TerraSync  before my machine crashed.

I've forgotten how to move it; tried alias' link etc.  nothing works.  hmmmm

How a little juju helped my Wordpress

quick install WP (wordpress) using juju charms

Help I have undead juju hanging around (even after restarting!)

getting rid of juju state

juju destroy-environment --force

sudo cleanup-juju