Friday, October 2, 2015

A Remembrance of Print Server config past


Printer not printing


Netgear dual band router died so got a nice ASUS one. So connection to the apsusb203 print server was lost.


Manually allocate IP in DHCP settings to the one set up on the print server.  Bah-bing done!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wordpress dev and Docker on OS X

This was a good step-by-step guide to follow with port forwarding instructions so that you can actually access your Wordpress from the browser on your host (Mac):

How to Use the Official Docker WordPress Image

For the CLI (command line) / terminal averse mac users have Kitematic.  Use it to start and stop docker machine.  It also shows you the available images stored in the docker repository.

The whole point of Docker for me was fast performance on my laptop for Wordpress testing.  YB tested how fast files sync'ed between the Mac and the container running in Virtual box:

A productive development environment with Docker on OS X

1st class citizen on Linux a little less so on OS X.  But still pretty awesome!  Docker's excellent documentation has a nice diagram making that concept clear.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Handbrake sudden shutdown: Solved!

Handbrake shuts down machine

My i5-460M laptop running handbrake 0.9.9 - 0.10.2 suddenly shuts down.

I had the temperature monitor up one day and noticed that the temp. quickly went from 49*C to 100*C, the fans become very noisy and then shuts down the machine.

Used cpulimit but encode goes down to around 20 fps if I want to keep the temps down below 90*C.

The fan goes into high speed mode and even though I vacuumed the vents didn't make much of a difference.  I wonder if the heat sink has come off the cpu.

I will try older version of handbrake or maybe limit thread=1.

Note:  The BIOS is doing the thermal shutdown (which is good) before damage to cpu occurs. 

FlightGear Terrasync move Data directory

FlightGear scenery

Flightgear scenery data used to live outside ~/Library/Application Support/FlightGear/TerraSync  before my machine crashed.

I've forgotten how to move it; tried alias' link etc.  nothing works.  hmmmm

How a little juju helped my Wordpress

quick install WP (wordpress) using juju charms

Help I have undead juju hanging around (even after restarting!)

getting rid of juju state

juju destroy-environment --force

sudo cleanup-juju