Sunday, February 13, 2011

VirtualBox 4.0 on Intel E2200 no VT-X cpus

Installed Oracle VirtualBox 4.0 on my workhorse low power Intel E2200 Pentium Dual Core. Windows Server 2003 cd just showed a nifty red screen that said aborted inside it - cute.
my old VMs worked fine. The log wasn't helpful then I remembered on my machine I used to have to edit the xml files inside: Library/VirtualBox/Machines/Ubuntu1010.xml
so it looked like this:

<hardwarevirtex enabled="false" exclusive="false">
<hardwarevirtexnestedpaging enabled="true">
<hardwarevirtexvpid enabled="true">
<pae enabled="false">
<hardwarevirtexlargepages enabled="false">
<hardwarevirtforce enabled="false">

that was in the old days now you can ever more elegantly say:

VBoxManage modifyvm NameOfYourVMHere --hwvirtex off

Wish it had done this by itself or someone had clued me in, no such luck