Monday, March 24, 2014

new router: why no wi-fi ipod touch

OS X Handbrake 32-bit build notes
 The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

SEATOOLS bootable USB stick

I needed to run SEATOOLS to test a Seagate 1.5TB firmware CC34 ST31500541AS SATA drive (more on that later)

  • unetbootin FreeDOS was able to create a bootable USB stick but couldn't figure out where to put the SEATOOLS files
  •  This thread on ubuntuforums put me on the right path

patch build mmv util on Snow Leopard OS X

Patch Build

What:  build mmv util on OS X

Obtain source and diff file:
mmv_1.01b.orig.tar.gz 25.1 kB 1b2135ab2f17bdfa9e08debbb3c46ad8
mmv_1.01b-15.diff.gz 10.4 kB 991e5c7ef7b78a05aba1b81c36c6288c

Unpack both then copy 1.01b-15.diff into the 1.01b folder

cd mmv-1.01b.orig

Patch source with diff file; type this into the terminal

patch < mmv_1.01b-15.diff

Type :
 you should see the mmv binary in the build directory

note: i don't know why but mmv -h gives no help output


Here's a precompiled binary package (nice work Joel!) on another blog :

mmv on Mac OS X


More info:

Linux rename tools