Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Visiting NixOS land

Hello Nixers!

I visit NixOS annually to see the progress (like a comet?). This is my 2.5 year visit.

NixOS Visit Report
Visit 1:
VirtualBox install under OS X fails
VirtualBox install under Ubuntu Intrepid success!
Competitive landscape: Haiku r1 works great right out of the box.
+s Great helpful community
-s tedious to set up
time invested: 5 days?? No it can't be.

Visit 2:
VirtualBox install under Ubuntu Intrepid fails!
Tedious configuration.nix editing incantations; reading mail archives, NixOS docs (nice logo)
Competitive landscape: Haiku R2 update slower than R1 but only requires 128MB of memory!
time invested: 12 hours?? No it can't be.

Visit 2.5
NixOS pre22737 VirtualBox install under OS X success! Intel E2200 disable VB VT-X enable PAE
+Very nice liveCD the desktop looks very slick (slim)!
+ Installs yay!
+ Community remains small but incredibly helpful
- Installed NixOS lacks window manager
- Installed NixOS should come up looking like LiveCD
- Still highly tedious setup
- VirtualBox additions where?
- way too much reading of manual, and mainly mail archives
Competitive landscape: OpenSolaris 2010.03 crawls on budget hardware. don't bother. Pretty nice on even 10 year old server hardware though.
time invested: 8 hours? Still spendy willing to visit again though.

Keep up the good work; looking forward to Visit 3