Tuesday, August 12, 2014

HP 5P, print server on Mavericks 10.9.3

Printing (didn't) happen

My SnowLeopard machine prints just fine to via a print server to an HP 5P.  On the Mavericks notebook the add Printers button brought up the list of printers on the network.   Lights green in the control panel but no blinky lights, churning sounds and no paper emerging from the bowels of the beast.

Fix (What to DO? oh toh keh?)

  • printer cups interface (in your browser http://localhost:631/) 
  • Gutenprint drivers

Frustration Rising (dead ends that didn't work)

  • adding and deleting printer
  • ipp with IP address and port name
  • turning firewall off
  • looking at tcpdump log
Good luck!

Beyond the basics: OS X's advanced printer tools
OS X Mavericks: IP printer settings